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Playing Away - Finding the club that's right for you!

As a player have you found that your unique set of skills has garnered you much attention from a selection of local clubs? Are you now you're weighing your options, trying to chose between clubs that all want you so terribly badly? How do you decide between those clubs? It’s a tricky question. Pick one at random? Pull a name out of a hat? Well slow down there, let’s not be hasty. Don’t rush this decision or leave it up to dumb luck. Let’s take a moment and smell the sweet scent of desperation pouring off the clubs clamouring for your attention. Life in these times is good.

Firstly lets compound your problems tenfold by saying that you don't have to be subservient to the clubs in your area. Branch out, go further afield. At playermove our whole goal is to get you matched up with the club that’s right for you. Do not be swayed by the overflowing levels of adoration I’m sure you’re currently receiving from your peers. Why settle for less than the best your country has to offer?

Actually forget that, why be so limited? Why settle for less than the world has to offer you? There are many overseas clubs crying out for talented players. Why play at home when you can venture out to somewhere unknown, somewhere exotic, and get the experience of a lifetime while playing the sport you love? It’s a no brainer.

Whatever your needs our system puts you in control and helps match players and clubs that are looking for similar things. You can input what countries you’re interested in along with the types of packages you require. This saves you time, money, and effort as we do all the work meaning you're not chasing around clubs or spending many a dull hour trying to research the one you think might be right for you.

It’s free to register your account and you only start paying when you want to make a connection with a club. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and find the club that’s right for you!

Posted on: 21/02/2014 14:42