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The University of Sheffield Fresher's Fayre

September. The month when students embark on their university journey, whether returning or at the beginning of this. Students are beginning to acclimatise themselves to university life and fresher’s week allows them to do this. What better way to let these students know of what Playermove can offer them than by attending the sports fayre.

Based in the main hall, our stall was set up ready for the day with the intention of signing players up who may not make it into the university team, and would be seeking local clubs to play for as a result. We weren’t short of students, sports students at that, hoping to find a team to play for as a getaway from studies.

The approach wasn’t forceful, but simply to describe what Playermove was and who it would suit. Our basic flyers, outlining all the main points, coupled with a discussion would quickly tell players what we were about. We explained of the chance of them playing cricket/football/rugby overseas. This could benefit them as they may wish to move abroad after their studies and we could help them find a club to wherever their destination may be.

Clubs in the Sheffield area should take a look at any potential players you may require for the current/upcoming season.

Another reminder that when you are registered, you need to activate your account through clicking the link in the email from us. You cannot use your profile unless you do this.

All in all, our experience at the fresher’s fayre was one that will only help make more people aware of Playermove and hopefully spread our message of what we are trying to achieve; to match players and clubs worldwide.

Posted on: 17/10/2013 13:27