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So, you’ve found a player/club your interested in? What do you do now? The other party needs to be made aware of this interest of course. How do you do this? By simply sending an enquiry to this player or club, you make your interest known.

In order to send an enquiry, you must have purchased a credit. These can be bought in bulk which will, in turn, save you money! Now this is the important bit; if you receive an enquiry from a player/club you need to decide if you wish to make further contact with them. You DO NOT have to have any credits to decline an enquiry. It is only necessary to have purchased credits when accepting an enquiry. This is because you will then see a more in-depth profile and means you wish to talk further.

These enquiries expire after a period of time so ensure you are checking your inbox regularly so you are able to reply before any enquiries do so. If you are unsuccessful in an enquiry, don’t think your credit has been wasted; we will simply refund you this to use elsewhere. It is important that, even if you are not interested in a club/player you may have received an enquiry from, you reply to them so they can be made aware of your intentions.

So, important points for enquiries:

  • To send an enquiry it costs you 1 credit
  • The credit gets refunded to you if you are unsuccessful in your enquiry, after the 5 days are up.
  • You do not need to have any credits purchased to decline an enquiry
  • Check your inbox regularly for enquiries - don’t forget to reply!
  • Enquiries expire after 5 days


Use your enquiries wisely; beginning conversation with clubs/players you really are interested in could set you on your way to new opportunities for success.

Posted on: 26/07/2013 14:35