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Southern hemisphere crying out for players!

Are you a club situated in the southern hemisphere? Are you sat twiddling your thumbs now the cricket season is over? Are you a player in the northern hemisphere looking to play cricket overseas in locations such as Australia, in time for their new season? If the answer to any of these is yes, then Playermove is for you.

Clubs in the southern hemisphere i.e. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa are now on the hunt for talented overseas players. If this is you, we can offer you that extra bit of help to find quality, talented overseas players. Our simple registration process makes it easy for you to request exactly what you are looking for, in order for you to gain interest from players that suit your needs.


Cricket Clubs - Outlining exactly what your club is looking for means you will attract interest from players who want to play for overseas cricket clubs, who offer what you are looking for. Registration is free to browse, with only minimal fees (as little as 80 pence) required to enquire to players, compared to using a cricket agency.


Cricket Players - Those wanting to join Playermove and those cricket players currently registered on our site, here is a bit of advice from the feedback we have had from cricket clubs.


“Putting as much detail on your profile is the best chance of finding that dream club you are looking for, especially your playing standard as a cricket player. Your profile is your tool to advertise yourself, so ensure it is accurate and up to date!”


So.....both cricket players and cricket clubs, do your bit, and provide the opportunities for one another. There’s no need for a cricket agent, when all the power can be in your hands.


Posted on: 11/06/2013 09:26