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Calling all cricket players - Make the most of your membership!

So now you're registered you may be thinking, "how do I make the most of this amazing opportunity?" Well we have a few hints and tips for you in this blog that will help get you the exposure you deserve!

Playing cricket overseas is one of the greatest experiences a cricket player or cricket club can have. It can also be one of the worst! Which is why we have created this new and innovative website for you to keep control of everything! We don't charge you fees like the cricket agents do. Oh no, you have registered free of charge and we charge you from only 80p, yes 80p, to connect with an overseas cricket club, overseas cricket player or cricket clubs and cricket players within your country. The hardest thing for us is convincing you that this is how easy it is! 

Imagine having overseas cricket clubs and overseas cricket players on a database from all over the world and all you have to do is log on to see who is where and which one you would like to go to. That is what we are creating for you! 

What you need to think about is "how do I stand out from the rest?" Let's face it, in twelve months time this site could be saturated with thousands of overseas cricket players and overseas cricket clubs, all wanting a bite of the same cherry (excuse the pun)!  Try the following to maximise the chances of you playing cricket overseas or recruiting the best overseas cricket player that you can:

Make sure your profile page is fully complete - don't leave anything out that someone could potentially want to know. We give you the chance to put all the info you can for a reason! We have noticed a number of players who have been transferred from our old site have not updated their "playing standard" on their profile page. This is vital when a cricket club is searching for you. Why not do it now? it only takes a matter of seconds. 

Check the search facility regularly - even when you haven't been notified of new registrations. 

Be specific and detailed in the field we allow you to be - clubs that you have played for and performances and achievements are fields that allow you to give detailed info about yourself. This is where clubs can get a really good understanding for the standard of cricket you have played!  

Upload a CV with any information you feel like the club could do with knowing - you can never give them too much info when they are investing time, money and resources to get you to their cricket club.  

Be honest and true to your standard and background - it's so easy to check your stats and background, it's not even worth wasting your time!  

Refer friends and colleagues to the site to receive free credits which allow you to get even more out of your membership. 

Stay in touch! - just because a club or player aren't that 'into you' this year, they could be next year! And if you perform and do well you may even exceed the package you imagined. 

So with the tips above you will be able to maximise your exposure on this new Website that we envisage opening thousands of doors for talented cricketers and ambitious cricket clubs all over the world. 

Happy searching and good luck!



Posted on: 21/05/2013 12:09