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How Do Credits Work?

One of the questions people ask about Playermove, other than why is it so brilliant, obviously, is what do all the credits mean? Well I’m glad you asked, that’s a good question, go to the top of the class and help yourself to a gold star and smiley face sticker. Fundamentally credits are how we manage matching clubs with players across a global network.

Now before we go any further let’s just quickly reiterate that it’s absolutely free to create a profile. You can view summaries of accounts for both players and clubs without spending a penny. There’s no pressure to sign up or buy anything until you want to.

Say you find a club or player you like, what then? That’s where the credits come into play. It takes just one credit to send an enquiry to a club or player you're interested in. But what if your target doesn't respond? What if you get the hand rather than the face? Is your precious credit wasted? No, of course not, we’re not that cruel. The rejection stings enough. If a club or player doesn't respond to your enquiry within five days we give you that credit back. It’s that simple.

If you’re lucky and your intended recipient accepts your enquiry you can then view each others profiles in depth and make contact if you wish to take things further. To the next level, so to speak.

So how much are the credits? Lets get down to the brass tax and other references to money that I don’t really understand. What I do understand is how cheap our credits are. One credit costs you only £2, which is good, but you shouldn’t go for that. If there’s only one club or player you’re interested in fine, that makes sense, but if you want to play the field a little we have much better options that give you better value. We sell a number of credit packs to provide you with the best possible deal. You can get a five credits pack for £9, a 10 credits pack for £15, or the best value we have in the 25 credits pack that sets you back a mere £20. If my maths is correct, and I hope it is, that’s less than a pound a credit. See? It’s mathematically the better choice and who are we to argue with maths?

If you’re not already signed up to Player Move then go ahead, right now, it’s simple, easy, and free. If you are then head on over to the credits page to purchase yourself one of our great credit packs and start making connections today!

If that text didn’t help explain the credit situation check out our handy infographic below.

Posted on: 07/03/2014 14:27