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The Subscription Route

Last week we talked about credits and how you could get the best deal. While I still think that’s a great way to use our service there is an option we didn’t really touch; subscription. Now you could go buy credits and use them as you like, that’s an option, one we support, but if you can see yourself using this service a lot then the subscription might be the way to go...

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How Do Credits Work?

One of the questions people ask about Playermove, other than why is it so brilliant, obviously, is what do all the credits mean? Well I’m glad you asked, that’s a good question, go to the top of the class and help yourself to a gold star and smiley face sticker...

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Finding players for your Cricket, Rugby or Football Club

Finding players can be tricky, finding good worthwhile players can be even trickier. Not only is there a lot of work involved, scouring the lands far and wide for the one true hopeful that will bring your club success, but all that effort can occasionally prove fruitless...

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Playing Away - Finding the club that's right for you!

As a player have you found that your unique set of skills has garnered you much attention from a selection of local clubs? Are you now you're weighing your options, trying to chose between clubs that all want you so terribly badly? How do you decide between those clubs? It’s a tricky question...

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The University of Sheffield Fresher's Fayre

September. The month when students embark on their university journey, whether returning or at the beginning of this. Students are beginning to acclimatise themselves to university life and fresher’s week allows them to do this. What better way to let these students know of what Playermove can offer them than by attending the sports fayre...

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UK Cricket season coming to an end

It’s come to that time of year again. When cricket players in the UK and Ireland go into hibernation until the warmer weather returns (if ever!). Yes, the cricket season in the UK is nearly over. You may have had a successful season with your club, or on the flipside, it may not have gone as well as you would have hoped...

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So, you’ve found a player/club your interested in? What do you do now? The other party needs to be made aware of this interest of course. How do you do this? By simply sending an enquiry to this player or club, you make your interest known. In order to send an enquiry, you must have purchased a credit...

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Southern hemisphere crying out for players!

Are you a club situated in the southern hemisphere? Are you sat twiddling your thumbs now the cricket season is over? Are you a player in the northern hemisphere looking to play cricket overseas in locations such as Australia, in time for their new season? If the answer to any of these is yes, then Playermove is for you...

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Purchase your Credits with Playermove and gain fantastic Value for Money.

By now you should hopefully have a glowing profile packed with super information regarding your many sporting talents. But how do you now gain contact with clubs or players with the chance of playing cricket overseas? This is the exciting and simple part...

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Calling all cricket players - Make the most of your membership!

So now you're registered you may be thinking, "how do I make the most of this amazing opportunity?" Well we have a few hints and tips for you in this blog that will help get you the exposure you deserve! Playing cricket overseas is one of the greatest experiences a cricket player or cricket club can have...

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